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img_0700.jpgThe news was released yesterday about the name for the new prince born to Kate and William. LOUIS. Well, I am very partial to the name. My very own Louis Lestarjette is making himself known across the pages of Revolutionary Faith. Of course, my Louis is not a prince and certainly not a British prince. He’s from France and his title and property have been confiscated because of his family’s Huguenot beliefs. Hopefully, you have read Hold Me Close and Surround Me, Revolutionary Faith Books One and Two. You will quickly see my hero of the 1770s is far removed from a 2018 royal baby boy.IMG_0688

While Book Three Bring Me Near rests in the publisher’s safe hands, I am researching and writing Book Four, Draw Me to Your Side.  I’ve added a few resources to my stash of American Revolution books. It is 1776 where every day deserves a volume of its own, perhaps that already exists.

Here are a few I am using:

Samuel Johnson’s Dictionary–1755 that defined the English language. What fun it is to research words of that time.img_0693.jpg

St. Philip’s Church of Charleston by Anderson and Eastman–lovely history of this influential church family that helped pave the way for the Revolution.

Christopher Gadsden and the American Revolution by Godbold and Woody–I can’t write without this book for I have made img_0696.jpgLouis’s life parallel Gadsden’s. Did you know that the Don’t tread on Me flag is Gadsden’s creation? Read Book Four for its place in Louis’s life.

At the Table in Colonial America by Patricia Mitchell–It’s hard for me to write without having my characters enjoy a good meal colonial style. Cottage Cheese Delight Bread, Chow Chow, Trifle, Hearth Baked Squash, Chicken Pudding.

I’m well on my way in planting Louis in 1776 Charles Town; 30,000 words to be precise. I hope you will stick around and delve into his life with as much or more excitement as following the birth of a modern-day prince. Needless to say, I’m tickled that there is a Prince Louis! Perhaps volumes will be written about what he does for this modern world, all positive of course.img_0697.jpg

What names from history do you like to see resurface?


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  1. Katie Gray

    I like seeing names of Native Americans in modern work, because much of their stories have been lost and forgotten. Love what you’re doing with the 1700’s!


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