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I love challenges, except for the physical ones. I’m not going to swim the English Channel or hike the Matterhorn. But, I do like the extra work to achieve a goal–either my goal or one presented to me for consideration.

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I’ve accomplished and achieved a few in my years. Tell me it can’t be done and game’s on. For example: “You cannot graduate from college in three years with a triple major.” Why not? So, I proved it and did it. I will admit my husband-to-be was waiting at the finish line since my father had a “rule”–“You must finish college before I pay for a wedding.”

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Another one I said to myself: “You won’t be able to finish writing a novel.” Challenge accepted–in two years I wrote six novels. Yes, they needed to be edited and parts rewritten later, but the goal was accomplished.IMG_0697

In the spring I had a few female students discussing a book they were reading for an AP English class. The name: The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood. “You wouldn’t like it, Mrs. Gray.” Oh really? That sounded like a challenge to me. Why not? “It’s about things you probably wouldn’t like.”  Yet a high school student was reading it? To me that said the book is not historical Christian fiction. The students’ simple comment posed a challenge.IMG_1866

I’m reading The Handmaid’s Tale starting today. It made the 100 books in The Great American Read list on PBS. Here it goes, page one: We slept in what had once been the gymnasium.

What challenges have you accepted?


  1. Katie Gray

    I did know this about you. You love a challenge. And I can hear that conversation between you and the student. Students at my school read Handmaid’s Tale also. I will have to start it too. I like a challenge also, but not in the way you do. I like a challenge when it is something I want to be good at, like mastering material in a class or teaching. I do not want these things to be too easy or I lose interest. Recently, I rose to the challenge of building a fence.

    • margueriteg2016

      And we have a challenge ahead of us–driving all over Southern France!!!


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