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IMG_0081It’s summer, and I am home for extended hours since I am a teacher. A few weeks to bask in hours of reading if I choose. I so choose. Besides researching and editing and writing, I gain insight and joy from reading. I carve out time to escape into the pages of historical and a few contemporary characters and their antics.

Here are a few of my summer reads coming up for July and August. Hopefully, you can find ones you want to read too.

A Heart for Freedom is Janet Grunst’s sequel to A Heart Set Free. It begins in 1775 in Virginia where war is around the bend. Of course, this time corresponds to my novel Bring Me Near, 1775 Charles Town, South Carolina.

The Awakening of Miss Adelaide by Linda Brooks Davis is Book 3 in the Women of Rock Creek Series. Davis is a new author to me, so I look forward to this novel set in 1918 Italy and the United States. War, music, conflict, love.

The one contemporary book in my stack hooked me by the title, Tres Leches Cupcakes by Josi S. Kilpack. If you’ve ever eaten anything with tres leches (three milks)  in the name, you’d know why I’m fascinated. A culinary mystery sounds perfect for the summer.

A novella, Stepping into the Light by Candee Fick, takes place in the Scottish Highlands in 1412. I’m going to love this one and its sequel. The dedication reads “To all those who believe in fairy tales…but don’t feel like royalty. This castle series is for you.” That’s me!

The Warrior Maiden by Melanie Dickerson features the retelling of Mulan’s story in 1423 Germany. I’ve enjoyed every one of Dickerson’s retellings.

The Lost Girls of Paris (I love the title) by Pam Jenoff explores the lives of the secret women who served in the cause of winning WWII. I know this must be full of intrigue and dangerous adventures.

IMG_0082 (1)Speaking of intrigue, Ladies of Intrigue by Michelle Griep reveals 3 tales of 19th Century romance and mystery. Short stories set in 1815, 1862, and 1890.

As  you can see, I have a great summer reading program planned.

What are your reading plans?




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