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About the Book

Book:  Rahab

Author: Diana Wallis Taylor

Genre:  Biblical Fiction


Some biblical scholars maintain that the woman in Jericho who hid Joshua’s two spies was a harlot or a prostitute. But if that was the case, how did this woman, Rahab, become one of the ancestors of Jesus Christ? Wouldn’t the Father ensure a pure lineage for His Son?
In this historical fiction, author Diana Wallis Taylor offers a beautiful story of intrigue that explains how Rahab came to be the mother of Boaz, grandmother of Obed, and great-grandmother of Jesse, the father of King David.
In Rahab, Woman of Jericho, readers discover a Rahab who is a descendent of the tribe of Ephraim, one of the ten lost tribes of Israel. Her clan left Egypt and settled in Canaan before the Hebrews were enslaved. Although they did not wander in the desert with Moses for forty years, nor did they hear the laws that the Lord gave to His people, they still worshipped the one true God.
Rahab marries Radames, a young Egyptian officer, who is to become the new governor of Jericho. They live in the Egyptian embassy set in the city wall. When the Israelites approach Canaan with their army, pharaoh sends word that he is withdrawing his troops. Radames fabricates a story to tell Jericho’s king, but Hammurabi doesn’t believe it…and he has his eye on the beautiful Rahab.
What will happen to Rahab after the lecherous king poisons her husband? How can she save her family from the invading Israelites? God parted the waters of the Jordan River for them—will He likewise provide miracles and blessings to her Ephraimite clan if they can rejoin their people?

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My Review

I always learn so much with Biblical Fiction. Egyptians, Canaanites, and Israelites. What a mixture! A Hebrew married to an Egyptian in a Canaanite town spells trouble in the ancient world. We mix things up today, crossing social and political barriers. Add the religious factor and you have a mission field.

Rahab of the Bible was right in the middle of a world changing event. Little did she know of her impact on Jewish history. Her belief in Yahweh while surrounded by pagans sparked a mini revival to save her family. Wow! She inspires me to witness, to stand firm, to bloom where planted.

Diana Taylor breathes life into Rahab giving her an expanded story across time. Has Rahab been wrongly labeled? You decide as you read and share her journey. If she could witness in her pagan world, surely we can take up the banner for God in ours.


About the Author

Diana Wallis Taylor is an award-winning author of more than a dozen books, including such novels as Hadassah, Queen Esther of Persia; Lydia, Woman of PhilippiMary, Chosen of GodRuth, Mother of KingsMary Magdalene; and Journey to the Well. She is also the author of Halloween: Harmless Fun or Risky Business?

Diana’s additional published works include a collection of poetry, Wings of the Wind; an Easter cantata, “Glorious,” written with a musical collaborator and available on Sheet Music Plus; and contributions to various magazines and compilations.

She received her B.A. in Elementary Education at San Diego State University and was an elementary school teacher for twenty-two years. She operated two coffeehouse/used bookstores and later retired from a private Christian college as Director of Conference Services.

Diana makes her home in San Diego, California. Readers are welcome to reach out to her and read her blog at

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Do you enjoy Biblical Fiction?


  1. attennos39

    I enjoy Biblical Fiction. Rehab is one of my favorites.

  2. Crystal

    What a great review. Would love to read and review the print format of this book and the author’s other books.
    I really enjoy reading books like this. So interesting and intriguing mostly because you can learn from the books more than what you think you will.
    Thanks for introducing me to this author. I look forward to learning more about the author and their books.
    Hope I Win.

  3. Lynn Brown

    I like the genre and the cover is very pretty. Thanks for the chance.

  4. Lelia “ Lucy” Reynolds

    I really enjoy Biblical Fiction as it brings it to life.

  5. Arletta Boulton

    I do enjoy reading it. Makes the Bible stories come alive. I thought of Rahab while visiting Carcassonne last summer. I imagined her hanging a rope down from one of the windows and how daunting it must have been to climb up those high walls.

  6. LisaC

    I very much enjoy biblical fiction. It helps me piece together the Bible. Sometimes I will sit and read with my bible in my lap so I can look things up as I read.


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