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Happy Fall and weekend! I hope you are finding the little blessings of each day, those small things that satisfy your yearnings. Well, I have a few “novel” ideas to offer.

The first is a free short story, “The Pull of Time,” with the sign up for my quarterly newsletter. This story offers the reason for the birth of the Revolutionary Faith series. Here is the link to join my newsletter and how to receive the free short story.

The next item you will have to wait to receive. If you purchase Wait for Me as a pre-order in eBook form, you will receive as a bonus “Adventure’s Cost,” a short story featuring Lucy March, on release day, February 9, 2021. I know, that is a while to wait, but it is free with the pre-order purchase. Here is the link for the pre-order

Other than that, I will be giving away books over the next few months before Christmas. Stay connected for that information.

Happy October. Let me hear from you on this blog.


  1. Katie Gray

    So fun! I love all your stories and look forward to adventures cost!!!

  2. Debra Pruss

    Hi Marguerite. I was blessed that my Mom made it home from rehab in October. She had been away for seven weeks. We are getting used to the new normal. She is in a wheelchair as well as some memory issues. We are not sure if they are short term or long term yet due to the fall and hitting her head. You are so special with sharing your talent. Thank you very much.


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