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A broken engagement drives Susanna Kelly back to her hometown of Sweetheart, Texas and the arms of its quirky, lovable citizens. But her peaceful return to her roots is shattered when heart-shaped notes with sinister messages start appearing. The support of Daniel Sheppard, Asian American bestselling author and her childhood friend, gives her a much-needed ally amidst the turmoil. He offers to play the role of her boyfriend to discourage the stalker, but Susanna resists. Pretending to be a couple? And with Daniel of all people? Who would buy it? 

The note writer’s mind games force her to reconsider. Susanna accepts Daniel’s crazy plan, but the make-

believe romance has the opposite effect intended. Harmless notes turn into life-threatening accidents, and Daniel and Susanna must find out who’s behind the chaos before they can decide if their temporary relationship is a heaven-sent gift meant to last forever.

My Review

Shannon Kent is a new-to-me author. This contemporary novel contains all the elements of an entertaining read: small town, good food, quirky townspeople, and mystery/suspense. Just when it appears life should be easy and uneventful, hints of chaos to come trickle into Susanna’s normal routine. Not that her routine needs anything added to it with the big Valentine event in the making and the running of her café. But doesn’t life have a way of colliding with the possibility of something new? A new job or opportunity, a new boyfriend or romance, a new hobby or project. Hopefully, without the intense mystery and suspense waiting for Susanna.

This was the perfect book to balance my reading habits which lean heavily toward historical fiction. The characters’ depth engages every sense on their journey navigating a mysterious path. If you need a good book, Decoy Valentine gives an intriguing tale with loveable characters.

About the Author

Shannon Kent loves God, her family, and classic movie musicals. She gains inspiration for her novels from her many travels around the world. Her other two romances are Flower Boy Tour Guide and Reality Show Romance. She holds a special place in her heart for South Korean culture and loves to infuse her stories with a Kimchi-flavored spice. You can follow her at

Purchase Decoy Valentine here:

Do you have a favorite contemporary author? Shannon’s book is work the read.


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