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Young artists, whether a writer, a painter, a singer, or a musician, inspire me to do my best. Youthful enthusiasm spreads rather quickly. Maybe that is one reason I have taught teenagers for so many years. There is just something contagious about their view on life. The drama associated with young people sparks my interest and willingness to listen.

I try to support youth and young adults in their various endeavors. As a writer I’m interested in young writers and the awesome potential the author world offers them. When I started writing, the opportunity of publication remained limited. I wrote anyway. Today, so many options are open to young writers.

A few years ago, I found a teenage writer who I want to follow through the years—Kellyn Roth. She inspires me to keep on writing. This spunky, energetic youth from the west coast writes historical Christian fiction. I started reading her work with The Chronicles of Alice and Ivy Series, Books One and Two—The Dressmaker’s Secret and Ivy Introspective. I’ve watched her grow through rewrites and second editions with new covers. I’ve had the opportunity to read, review, and blog about Books Three and Four, At Her Fingertips and Beyond Her Calling, and a novella, Becoming Miss Knight. I’ve made a promise to myself to remain a number one supporter of Kellyn. Oh, the places she can go!

Also, I enjoy watching and encouraging youth in their painting and drawing endeavors. What talent! I still follow the progress of former students as well as my nieces.

I will never be able to return to my youth and begin my writing journey earlier, but I can, and do, continue to support young adults. I imagine their careers spanning 60-70 years. That is exciting for them and for those of us who enjoy their work.

Write, draw, paint, sing, and play on…

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  1. Katie

    How lovely! It is a joy to see young people doing what they love and succeeding and seeing them met with support and encouragement from older adults! That is why teachers coaches and mentors are so important. Love your initiatives!


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