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I guess you could call me a literary geek. I love and crave great literature in my personal library at my fingertips just in case I run out of new books to read. Well, my library includes some great treasures in the form of literary devotionals. I’ll share the ones I own.

A graduate professor in an English George MacDonald course gave me a copy of Through the Year with George MacDonald. What an awesome endeavor to include works from a very unique author. Loved having 366 devotionals. Have you read any of MacDonald’s work?

Another year long devotional that I return to often is A Year with Aslan. These daily reflections involve the fantastic Chronicles of Narnia. What a journey of faith with favorite characters.

Then, I found Rachel Dodge’s The Anne of Green Gables Devotional. A lovely chapter-by-chapter companion for Kindred Spirits. Afterwards, I reread Anne of Green Gables!

Praying with Jane by Rachel Dodge takes the prayers of Jane Austen relating them to her books and life. It is deep and challenging.

My current devotional is also by Rachel Dodge, The Little Women Devotional. This companion to Little Women also takes the form of a chapter-by-chapter approach. I can’t wait to delve into it.

Have you read a companion devotional? Please share. I’m always looking for another one.


  1. Phyllis

    I have checked into a few of these and they all look wonderful!

    I have one by Shannon Winslow that uses Jane Austen’s three known prayers. Shannon compares lines in the prayers to the characteristics or actions in her characters. I was pleasantly surprised that the devotional had beautiful depth and were very meaningful. Each ends with a thought and a prayer. I look forward to going through it again and again since it is not a full year devotional. I really think that you would like it since you enjoyed these.


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