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Welcome to the next installment in the Suamalie Islands series, Year One. A Heart for News by Susan Beatty released May 30.

Here’s the scoop:

Will a heart for news get a scoop on love?

Though Margo Durand invests her whole heart into working for her family’s newspaper, her father refuses to modernize, and she harbors a secret fear of approaching interviewees and all things dangerous—except riding her Vespa everywhere. But when Margo follows evidence that two government officials are corrupt, Margo discovers danger, intrigue, and a legal sort of blackmail.

Professional race car driver, Steve Grayson, arrives to finish recuperating and overcome his fear of getting back on the track while pursuing his desire to open a race car driving school on Le Cadeau Île. If he can find the money and convince the owner to sell.

When Margo’s best friend sets Margo up with Steve as a tour guide, conveniently forgetting to tell him Margo is a reporter, they tour the islands until Steve is willingly dragged into the investigation. The investigation only opens new questions, creates new trials, and has the potential to destroy their budding romance.

Does pursuing a relationship just before he leaves to take part in one last racing season even make sense?

Take a trip to the Suamalie Islands where palm trees sway, the sand and sea pulse with life, and the people will steal your heart.

Susan has a question for me. How would you answer?

In A Heart for News, Margo shies away from experiences she calls “dangerous pursuits.” Steve is a race car driver seeking thrills to get him back to the track. How can these two ever get together? Do you and your spouse or significant other have opposing interests or ideas of what’s fun?

I love this question because I have been married since I was twenty-one. We grew up together in our twenties. I knew from the beginning we enjoyed different things. My husband is a huge sports fan and former baseball, football, basketball and track participant in high school. I think he is brilliant but he is not a natural student. Grades and academics rooted in my soul. I traveled all over Europe as a teen. When we married, I had to teach him how to let go of the purse strings and travel. I’ve created a monster traveler—not as bad as I am but on his way.

Funny story: We went to separate universities. He went to Baylor and majored in religion. I went to Trinity in San Antonio and majored in French, Spanish, and Journalism. One semester he had to take Greek, so I decided to take Greek. He struggled to make a D and had to retake it. I soared through it and made an A and continued on for another semester. We laugh about that because I never used it again and he used it every week as he studied and pastored.

As we matured, we grew together and not apart. I still don’t enjoy many sports except the Tour de France and the Texas Rangers. He has taught me strategy in chess and scrabble. I’ve taught him to explore, research, and travel.

Opposites? Not really…key is to enjoy the company of the other.

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You have a chance to win in several Giveaways. Follow the links to all of the posts and giveaways.

Susan Beatty, May 30 https://www.susankbeatty.com/a-heart-for-news-fun-is-in-the-eye-of-the-beholder/?fbclid=IwAR2ar-phaQwArWoJrS80QVb1vWgsZce57_z5Fru3I1LgQle9aRPddOku0Bk

Mellissa Wardwell, May 31 https://melissawardwell.com/a-heart-for-news/?fbclid=IwAR2LlyX_6ZDAU5OrnZYNwJVbovV9wGiaTZB3lEX_X65G8Z-evcYVZIXrS8o

Marguerite Gray, June 1 https://margueritemartingray.com/2023/06/01/a-heart-for-news-fun-week/

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Chautona Havig, June 4 https://chautona.com/a-heart-for-news-release?fbclid=IwAR3zNFIEqKsy3_COZI5L4b3xbv3EE8ZyV60g9DL3CCYf1mf8SoUoyiv1sGg



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  1. Katie

    Love this article – the next beach series book sounds fun! I enjoyed the anecdote of your marriage! Y’all are a beautiful couple!


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