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Are you ready for another adventure in the Suamalie Islands? The latest release is Love Like No Other by Tabitha Bouldin.

Trying to overcome a past like hers might just help him overcome his.

Alicia Gray wants one thing: to prove her capabilities as a doctor. Maybe then she can escape the feeling that her mother’s abandonment was deserved. She’s never felt worthy and grew up in foster home after foster home, always being told that if she did better, if she was more amenable, she’d find her place. When she came to Suamalie, the last thing she expected to find was a man whose grumpy personality conflicted so piercingly with her sunshine demeanor.

Colin Tremblay was dishonorably discharged from his army medic position and sent home in disgrace after his twin brother stole from his clinic. Back on the islands, he’s bounced from job to job, never finding anything that satisfies him. To make matters worse, his twin niece and nephew convince him to spend his summer overseeing their camp activities while working alongside Little Miss Sunshine herself.

This grumpy versus sunshine romance is sure to send them both scrambling when Colin confronts Alicia’s need to please while she reminds Colin that not every bad day is a reason to run for the hills.

Take a trip to the Suamalie Islands where palm trees sway, the sand and sea pulse with life, and the people will steal your heart.

Doesn’t it sound like a good read? I have my copy waiting for me.

Purchase link for Love Like No Other

This week other authors in this series have posted their giveaways on their blogs. Be sure to stop by each one. They are all separate giveaways.

Tabitha asked a question. Below is the question and my answer. Enjoy.

In Love Like No Other, Colin is struggling to accept that the goals he had for his life are no longer possible. He needs to find a new direction. When is a time when God nudged you to change course?

There have been many times where my goals and direction have been challenged and decisions—sometimes really hard ones—had to be made. I see these times as an opportunity for growth and perseverance.

My husband was a pastor for many years. When our children were in elementary school, he worked as an investment representative and had a nice income allowing us to buy a unique house with a big pond and retaining wall in the back and a neighborhood pond in the front. The sprawling split level house sat on 40 acres of Mississippi woods. The place quickly became a home and a huge playground for our children. Fishing, gardening, hiking, playing…a perfect family abode.

But it seemed God had a different direction. He wanted my husband back in full time ministry and He wanted me to turn back towards His purpose and promise. The struggle was real! Give up all of my dreams of a perfect house in a perfect college town for a small church in a not so prosperous area in Louisiana!!

During this time my husband was called Jonah because he ran in the opposite direction not wanting to release his goals. I prayed all the time for direction. Finally, the nudge became a push, and we pulled up roots and headed to the place of service that God had purposed for us. We adopted the popular phrase “God is good all the time.” Still so very true!

Follow the links and enter the giveaways on the blogs:

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Enjoy your journey. Be sure to look out for my release on July 25 Room for Love!



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