Tropical Target Release and Fun Week

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I’m excited about the release of Tropical Target by Jennifer Pierce. This is the next installment in Year One of the Suamalie Islands series. Each book can be read as a stand alone. I’ve started reading this one and love it.

Jennifer asked this question of the other authors. My answer follows:

In Tropical Target, Noa’s mother cooks meals for her family, even though they’re adults. Do you and your family get together regularly? What do you do? Watch a movie? Have a meal?

I love being with family. We have two big times a year when ALL of us get together at my parents’ house or at a venue (mountains or lakes.) Since I have three sisters, plus their children and spouses, the number gets rather large. Add a few grandkids and the number reaches over twenty.

The days settle around the meals. We all take turns as in a schedule sheet that I usually generate. Each Thanksgiving we have a Mexican fiesta at my house the Wednesday before turkey day. So many desserts and sides. Needless to say, we overeat.

When not gathered around the tables, we play card and board games. Dominos with the trains is our favorite! It can get silly and loud. Walks are always an option. But talking is the most enjoyable activity. Memories stream from our minds as we form new ones.

July is the other time we all get together around the tables. Why July? There are five birthdays and two anniversaries to celebrate. Throughout the year, we have partial gatherings such as sister trips, graduations, celebrations…

My family is very important to me whether we are eating or playing.


About the book:

Being accused of murdering a client isn’t good for business.

Tropical islands are popular for destination weddings. But Le Cadeau Île won’t be a popular destination for long if Detective Noa Tanielu can’t find out who is responsible for a ring of thefts occurring during weddings. When the thefts escalate to the murder of a bridezilla, the most likely suspect is the new wedding photographer.

Wedding photographer Haley Marsh moved to the island to nurse her broken heart and start over after being dumped two days before her wedding. When she’s moved from the suspect list to the target list, a little white lie leads to a fake engagement. With Haley’s connections to the wedding business, it’s clear the key to solving this case lies in keeping up the charade.

Noa and Haley must navigate the investigation and Noa’s mother’s attempts to make the engagement all too real…if they survive that is.

Take a trip to the Suamalie Islands where palm trees sway, the sand and sea pulse with life, and the people will steal your heart.

Purchase link:

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