Release Day for Whispers of Wisdom

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Today is the release day of Book Three in the Gardens in Time series, Whispers of Wisdom.

Whispers of Wisdom takes place in 1747 at Chenonceau Chateau in France.  I hope you will join Nicole on a treasure hunt and a heart adjustment as she wanders the gardens of this lovely little castle while participating in the world of enlightenment.

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A little about the novel:

Nicole wanders the ancient halls of Château Chenonceau, stirring up whispers from the secrets of a queen.

Craving the wisdom of the philosophers of the day, Nicole straddles the line between servant and high society. Will acting as one of higher status bring her closer to her dreams? Perhaps not, but a treasure hunt with the knight in the tower might fulfill her longing for a while.

Pierre would avoid the senseless salons full of manmade wisdom, throwing every pamphlet aside. Yet, he journeys to Chenonceau to glean knowledge from the estate manager. His goal reaches beyond the glittery, false, societal affairs to the fields of wheat, vineyards, and orchards. No fairy tales or treasure hunts for him. Not until his encounters with Nicole invade his practical world.

Whispers and secrets conjure a treasure hunt, involving the heart as well as the mind.

Join me today as I takeover Celebrate Lit Publishing with fellowship, questions, and giveaways.

Happy Reading everyone!

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  1. Katie

    This is so exciting! Congratulations! I will read it as soon as I get back from vacation! So proud of you!


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