Revolutionary Events

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What do you think about on July 4? Family. Watermelon. Hamburgers. Flags.

I add to that our rich history and heritage of people who gave their former way of life for one with great potential for freedom. Not a perfect place, but one they supported with their lives and wealth.

So here we are 248 years after the writing and signing of the Declaration of Independence. Maybe we need a little (or huge) dose of our forefathers and mothers’ revolutionary faith. Just think what we could accomplish for God’s plan, not for the nation necessarily. For humanity.

This summer you can read and follow one of Charles Town’s families from 1772-1782—one example of revolutionary faith. Or maybe you can delve into your family history and find an outstanding example of the faith it took to form a nation.

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  1. Katie

    This is a beautifully written entry. We will take 3 young boys to enjoy the Florida Gulf Coast for the holiday! Swimming fun, family time, and laughter.


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