Bring Me Near

Book Three in Revolutionary Faith

Time: 1775

Setting: Charles Town, South Carolina

No longer is the decision for independence a distant possibility. Louis Lestarjette’s life can no longer stand alone, for his responsibilities include a family who he cherishes enough to want a secure future for Elizabeth and his children. How can he contemplate secret missions for the Patriots while those dearest to his heart need the basic comforts for daily existence? Was it truly God’s will for him to become a part of a cause that could bring harm and discomfort to his family?

As Elizabeth anticipates the role of motherhood, she questions her selfish desire to have her own special family in the middle of a chaotic, changing world. She finds no way to pull herself from the activities of the political arena whether it involves sewing shirts for the local regiment or delivering secret supplies and missives for Patriot leaders. Holding her new baby close to her heart, will she relinquish her desire to help or will she retreat to the country away from war and from Louis?

Set in 1775 Charles Town, Bring Me Near finds the citizens of Charles Town running away from danger or securing their families as best they can in the town. No longer is war on the horizon. The battle for freedom has started and each person must choose how to fight or when to flee.

For God and Country

5.0 out of 5 stars

“Now, more than ever, she had to find courage to support her words and beliefs.”

Book three in the Revolutionary Faith series, Marguerite Martin Gray’s “Bring Me Near” proves to be even more captivating than its predecessors. The amount of research done by the author clearly bears fruit throughout the narrative as readers find themselves immediately submerged in the colonial era and able to see the various conflicts from multiple perspectives. Despite being historical fiction, the novel has a strong factual background and is appropriate for teens and up who are looking to increase their knowledge of the time period.

Revolutionary Faith for Revolutionary Times

5.0 out of 5 stars

This is third in Marguerite Martin Gray’s incredibly well-written, riveting Revolutionary Faith series, the best to date!


History at its best

If you thought loyalties were tested before, just wait until you immerse yourself into the world written within the pages of this book. Fact and fiction blend together into a perfectly balanced journey that will leave you yearning to step back in time. There is so much reality in the growth of the characters. Even as they second-guess themselves, you can see that they are headed toward a brighter future. 

I found the pace of the book, the details included and the characters fascinating to continue reading about. I would recommend reading all the books in order so you get the full spectrum of the story. If you are a history fan or just a lover of really good books, check this one out for yourself. 

Throughout the story, well series actually, you see such a beautiful faith theme. Somehow Martin Gray always makes it seem so natural, so seamless to have the characters talk/think about the Lord. Not preachy, not forced, just a part of who they are. As a reader you can not only connect with this, but actually learn from it. That’s probably what I like most about her stories!

History fans are going to love Bring Me Near. Sit back, buckle up and be ready to go back in time!

Bring Me Near Quotes

Please understand my secrecy, Elizabeth. He had the feeling it wouldn’t be the last time.”

BMN, Louis

“Happy New Year.” She shivered even in his warm embrace. “1775. My imagination is crawling with questions.”

BMN, Elizabeth

“He didn’t relish placing a pistol in Elizabeth’s hand. Would she ever be forced to use it? ”

BMN, Louis

“Victoria’s words against motherhood pulled at Elizabeth’s heart. ”

BMN, Elizabeth

“I’ll do it and put on whatever face I need to show joy.”

BMN, Elizabeth

We are at war. He breathed a prayer. Heaven help us.

BMN, Louis

“He carried her with him as he did once before across the ocean.”

BMN, Louis

“How do you do. I’m your…I’m your father.”

BMN, George

“Allow God to bring you near enough that you can feel His strength.”

BMN, Henry

“The target now was a true enemy, maybe a simple man or perhaps an army.”

BMN, Louis

“Such a pretty box for weapons.”

BMN, Elizabeth

“But was she guiltless while she held so tightly to her grudges?”

BMN, Elizabeth

“Could twenty years down the road be a place of peace, a warless existence? ”

BMN, Elizabeth

“Just because I’ve made mistakes doesn’t mean I’ve lost all love for my family. If I could, I would undo so many things.”

BMN, George

“Yes, pray, but never deflate their purpose and service for this new country.”

BMN, Elizabeth

Research for Bring Me Near:

By the third book, research became easier as I used most of my former resources. I added books on Francis Marion and Benjamin Franklin for a wider scope of understanding. Also, the role of France becomes apparent and deserved my time. I did not go back to Charleston for this book since it followed the first two so quickly!


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