Promise of Purity

Book Two of Gardens in Time

Time: 1661

Setting: East Molesey, England

Releasing February 14, 2023

Is true purity found in the laws of religion or in the hearts of the faithful?

With the return of the exiled king to his rightful throne, Kate Sinclair’s world of black and white now offers the hope of color. But where does color-loving Kate fit? In the bakery as the daughter of a Puritan or in the palace garden among God’s myriad hues? Certainly not within the palace walls of an immoral court with new friends.

Exiled with King Charles II on the continent, Peter Reresby claims unwavering support of his friend’s regained crown. While fighting for the monarchy against his family’s wishes, his sister disappears, and Peter is determined to find her.

When their opposing beliefs collide, Kate and Peter witness a true test of faith in the ability of mankind to shed the past in order to preserve the future . . . and perhaps learn that the “greatest of these” truly is love.

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