Spanish for the Short-Term Missionary

15 easy, concise lessons for the mission field

Released May 31, 2023

The Spanish-speaking world is ready to hear from you.

Since we are commanded by our Savior to go everywhere talking about Him, it makes sense to be able to speak, even a little, in the native tongue of the people. After my first mission trip to South America, I was determined to practice and learn the needed Spanish to communicate better on a mission endeavor.

The purpose of this book is to enable men and women, youth and children alike to converse at a beginner level with Spanish-speaking people as they share their faith in Christ. God has given us such an awesome task. Speaking the language adds another dimension to His mission.

Within this book are 15 easy, concise lessons for the mission field featuring a variety of information from alphabet and greetings to directions and prayers as well as useful vocabulary and the plan of salvation, which includes a craft teaching tool.

Are you ready to begin your journey?

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