Surround Me

Book Two of Revolutionary Faith

Time: 1773-1774

Setting: France and Charles Town, South Carolina

Battles rage in Elizabeth Elliott’s heart as the threat of war invades her hometown.

Charles Town, South Carolina, 1773—The dark curtain of the rumors of revolution threatens to descend as Louis Lestarjette makes a permanent break from his homeland and pursues his relationship with Elizabeth. Somehow, he must find a way to manage all aspects of his life amid the political and financial difficulties this turbulent time throws at him. Never has his heart been at the center of his life decisions, challenging what he really wants, if he cannot have it all.

Elizabeth Elliott must find unwavering courage, choosing to allow God’s love to surround her with strength. A marriage during a time of confusion seems impossible as a Patriot from a Loyalist family who loves a Frenchman. She wonders how a faithful daughter can marry without her father’s permission. After a summer apart from Louis, she begins to fear that the uncertain times might delay their life together.

Great Historical Book

5.0 out of 5 stars

This book is a continuation of a series that finds us back in the Revolutionary days. It was fascinating to read about the colonies during the 1770s. Fighting seemed to be everywhere and Louis feels torn as he has to leave Elizabeth behind for now. Their story is so nicely written and I’m glad they made an appearance in this book. It will be a hard road as they both want to be with each other.


5.0 out of 5 stars

This book was wonderfully written and I would highly recommend it. Waiting for the next book in this very interesting series!

Rumblings of Revolution

5.0 out of 5 stars

The sequel to “Hold Me Close”, “Surround Me” plunges readers immediately back into the world of pre-Revolutionary Charles Town, South Carolina. Louis and Elizabeth’s story continues alongside that of the burgeoning nation, two plot lines that dovetail and reveal the intricacies of colonial life. In many ways, America is facing similar situations today, and this makes the narrative more apropos and relevant. As a work of fiction, this novel adheres to historical fact while adding in a vital human element. Through the lives of Louis and Elizabeth, readers have a vested interest in the happenings of the town and the country at large.

Surround Me Quotes

“Could a prodigal son truly go back home? ”

SM, Louis

“I won’t leave without saying goodbye like I did last time.”

SM, Louis

“Father knows I don’t agree with the Loyalists, but if he knew I had signed on to oppose them, he would be devastated.”

SM, Elizabeth

“Mother taught me to avoid the sick and the dirty. So many others help them.”

SM, Victoria

“I don’t believe for a second that you have any intention of leaving your Partisan cronies.”

SM, George

“Not a bad idea, Mr. Lestarjette. I will leave this pile of commoners to you.”

SM, Victoria

“Enjoy your tea while you can.”


“I see his uniform and commitment as a sign of the battle ahead.”

SM, Elizabeth

“I’m not an easy man to please when it comes to my daughter.”

SM, Mr. Elliott

“Would I have waited two, three, or six months for an answer?”

SM, Elizabeth

“Christmas Eve. It’s almost tangible. I feel it, smell it, and see it.”

SM, Elizabeth

“I’m sure you’ve gotten wind of our messy events.”

SM, John Adams

“A shadow accompanied him on the walk home, one not visible before. ”

SM, Louis

“Part of me wants it all to just go away without a whisper.”

SM, Elizabeth

“But I needed to be part of the miracle He worked in you.”

SM, Elizabeth

“Just think what we could hide under layers of petticoats within the folds of material.”

SM, Elizabeth

“Struggles loomed in the future for all, no matter what side one chose.”

SM, Louis

“He put the letter above the flame, and then dropped the burning missive in a bowl”

SM, Louis

Research for Surround Me:

I returned to Charleston to gather more information once I realized I wanted to continue through the war. At the Preservation Society’s Bookstore, I found more books to purchase. Also, I spent a day in the South Carolina History room in the library where my friend Dot showed me maps, volumes of church minutes, marriages, and burials. St. Philip’s church opened the archives to me as I searched for my ancestors in the official old records. A major find was the Lestarjette home on Church Street. Oh, how I wanted to go inside and snoop around. Believe me, I tried.


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