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Do you like to read historical fiction? I learn so much from a good novel that is well-researched. I didn’t realize, until I started my novels, how much time went into research before the first words are written in a novel. Now I know. All the tidbits of information popping up on the pages continue to spark my interest in historical accounts. Although I am a history lover, I like my doses of history sprinkled in the lives of fictional characters.hold me close cover 3

In my Revolutionary Faith series, set in Charles Town, South Carolina from 1772-1778, I chose historical characters that I thought my fictional characters might have had the opportunity to meet and interact with on a regular basis. One historical character is Christopher Gadsden, a citizen of Charles Town when my character Louis Lestarjette arrived. Gadsden was a dynamic leader in the fight for independence. The organizer of the Sons of Liberty, he was involved in every aspect of forming a platform for political advancement against the British Parliament. Uniting merchants, planters, and farmers with lawyers, political agents, and influential leaders, Gadsden played a unique role of bridging the gap between diverse groups in order to accomplish great feats that helped mold a new nation.img_9693.jpg

I read many books in my research phase. By far my favorite is Christopher Gadsden and the American Revolution by E. Stanly Godbold, JR. and Robert H. Woody.  With the information, I found a friend for Louis as well as a business partner. Gadsden and Louis share many fictional adventures throughout all of the books in the series. Gadsden becomes a mentor, a friend, and an influence in Louis’s life.  My thinking is perhaps Christopher Gadsden really was a friend or at least an acquaintance of Louis Lestarjette since Louis was a real historical character too.

I have plans for Gadsden in Book Four. A hint is the bright yellow flag below. It hangs in my office, reminding me of  the goal of the Patriots in Charles Town and all the colonies. I hope you join Louis Lestarjette and Christopher Gadsden on their journey through the series.img_9694.jpg

Do you have a favorite historical character that you have read about in a novel?




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