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Do you subscribe to any magazines? I majored in Journalism in college, having the img_0790.jpgopportunity to study magazine format, writing style, photography, and advertising. Slowly, the internet replaced many of my magazine subscriptions, as well as, my changing tastes in adulthood.  Now, I occasionally buy one for a flight or vacation just for fun. Yet, as I look around my house, I realize I have some old friends and new favorites in my magazine basket. My mailbox still delivers interesting, dramatic stories that I catalog for future reference.

img_0794.jpgAs you can see from my subscription choices, my preferred reading material centers around travel and research.  “France” and “Britain” are the two travel options. “France” allows me to dream of peaceful afternoons strolling different streets of charming old villages tucked away in the hills and valleys. I am using the issues as I plan my 22- day trip in July. “Britain” will always come in handy for this is a country I will always return to with my husband. Ever since I lived in England for two years, I’ve had a realistic, yet fairy tale-like, image of knights and princesses, castles and manor houses.  In both magazines, the history articles keep me coming back to the issues.

Also, I have my research magazines. Now, these make me smile and rub my hands together in anticipation. For my American Revolution novels, I read and cherish “American Spirit,” a Daughters of the American Revolution publication, and “Trend and Tradition, ” the magazine of Colonial Williamsburg.  I would love to run across some family history or a tidbit worthy of my novels or an interesting historical character.



When I joined the Preservation Society of Charleston, a subscription to “Preservation Progress” was attached. I love seeing the work being done to preserve history through the saving of houses and property.  For my Revolutionary Faith series, Charleston is the setting.  My last subscription is to “National Geographic History.” This broadens my horizon to the world where history in general fascinates me with the intriguing facts and vibrant pictures.


What magazines hold your interest still? Or do you rely on the internet or other sources? img_0791.jpg





  1. lelandandbecky

    Very interesting post and I thoroughly enjoyed reading about your research tools. Thanks, Marguerite!

  2. MrsTina Rice

    Very interesting magazines Marguerite.

    For many, many years (so many I can’t remember) I receive and read Birds & Bloom, Birds & Bloom Extra, Country and Country Extra magazines.
    Blessings, Tina


    I receive The Economist, a bit heavier than the travel magazines I enjoy, such as National Geographic Travel. I enjoy staying connected to the multitude of political and economic ups and downs around the world. I also receive The National Parks Magazine and the Defenders of Wildlife Magazine.


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