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IMG_1978Recently, I took a step to review a book every month to six weeks as part of a bloggers team. I’m so excited. I have the opportunity to read novels by brand new, experienced, or award winning authors. I choose the books that interest me from a variety of genres. Although I tend to gravitate toward the historical, I enjoy all kinds of good, clean novels. Presently, I’m reading a contemporary eBook, a fantasy YA, and a very long historical novel. Since I will be posting my reviews on this site, I will try to vary the genres. IMG_1994

So this is what will happen. I sign up for a certain date to post my review. On that day the post will include information about the book, an author biography, an author interview, my review, a giveaway opportunity, and a list of other bloggers on the book tour. You will have the chance to  enter the giveaway at each blogger spot.

I hope you will enjoy spending time with some new and some familiar authors as you consider reading some interesting novels.

My first review will be on June 30. Hope you stop by this site and comment and enter for a chance to win a novel, a gift card, or other prizes.

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  1. Katie Gray

    This is a wonderful activity. What a great way to read new work before it hits the market, and to help out fellow authors, plus get new ideas and a fresh look on story-telling. I’m proud of you! I have no idea how you manage your time so well to do all that you do.


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