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I’m so excited about my publisher Celebrate Lit and the release of the five books of the Revolutionary Faith Series. You may purchase books directly from me ( or Amazon.

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Hold Me Close–Set in pre-revolution Charles Town, Hold Me Close takes the reader into the lives of immigrants, ordinary citizens, and prominent historical figures at a time in which decisions are made that will change the world. Will Louis Lestarjette, a Frenchman, stay or leave? Will Elizabeth Elliott trust her heart in volatile situations?

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Surround Me–Set in 1773 Charles Town, Surround Me, the sequel to Hold Me Close, takes the reader into the lives of colonists confronting imminent change and unpredictable circumstances binding them together to become a formidable force. Will Louis’s commitment to God stay firm, or will the tide of change cause fear and flight? How can Elizabeth enter into a marriage during a time of uncertainty? Will selfish, safer options take her away from Louis and his love?

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Set in 1775 Charles Town, Bring Me Near finds the citizens of Charles Town running away from danger or securing their families as best they can in the town. No longer is war on the horizon. The battle for freedom has started and each person must choose how to fight or when to flee.

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Warships in the harbor explode with battle cries for freedom in the hearts of Charles Town’s Patriots.

Charles Town, South Carolina, 1776—With the British war ships threatening his family and livelihood, Louis Lestarjette commits to aid Francis Marion, Christopher Gadsden, Silas Deane and other fiery Patriots with secret correspondences in code and in French. Although not convinced that the colonies can succeed in separation from Britain, he abides by his word—available with funds, his time, and if necessary, even his life.

Louis’ potential volatile role leaves Elizabeth Lestarjette uncertain of the future. Add to that her impending confinement, the secret missions her friends embark on, and the ever-encroaching danger into her domestic world, and the cost of independence grows steeper with each passing day. How will her family survive the coming turbulence? How will she survive not being an active part of it? One thing is certain, she must draw to God’s side or lose heart altogether.

Draw Me to Your Side… a prayer whispered against the coming destruction.


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A town besieged by the enemy with just one Sovereign order: WAIT.

Charles Town, South Carolina, 1780–With the ineveitable occupation of Charles Town by the Britiesh pounding at the gates, Louis Lestarjette braces for possible imprisonment or worse. How can he provide for his growing family with the evil chains of the enemy binding his source of existence? The scenarios of imprisonment and starvation force him to realize he has no control over the outcome of the stornghold of the British. All that remains is a sense of survival at almost any cost.

Elizabeth Lestarjette faces looming confinement with both a drive to protect her children and a desire to do her part to undermine the enemy. They must thwart the British plans to imprison more men, but how? Who can they trust?

Just how long will Elizabeth’s confidence in justice withstand the constant battering of war and circumstance?