Christmas 1772

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I have a funny confession to make. When I wrote the draft for Hold Me Close, I knew Elizabeth, my heroine, would love Christmas. I had her 1772 home in Charles Town, South Carolina decorated with a tall, full tree, greenery, and candles everywhere. As the story traveled through a critique group, a very wise critic brought to my attention a grave error. (Of course, she told me tactfully and nicely.) Christmas trees were not introduced and used in the United States until the 1800’s. Oops!

dc252520076_thumb25255B225255DOh, how I hated taking away Elizabeth’s Christmas tree. How could I replace that? With a few gorgeous, bountiful wreaths. Garland, greenery, candles, and a nativity remained intact. After the initial shock, I smiled and rewrote Elizabeth’s Christmas tree scene:

On this crisp Monday morning, Elizabeth put the finishing touches on the pine and fir wreath placed on the front door of her house. The pheasant feathers, nestled between oranges, pine cones, and magnolia leaves, graced the wreath…

“There. Spectacular,” she voiced out loud as she stepped back to view the rather large evergreen wreath, her handiwork hanging by a read sash attached to the door…

The candles in the windows, the smaller wreaths suspended from each window and the swags and garland throughout the house caused Elizabeth to twirl around the foyer. The sights and smells of Christmas brought back so many memories of her childhood in Boston. As a little girl, the decorations always triggered her anticipation of all the Christmas season events–parties, dresses, food, family, gifts, but mostly the singing, smiles, and happiness all around.

Promo 4 Hold Me CloseMy decorations are now complete. Now I can concentrate on the singing, family, anticipation of all the Advent season brings, especially the celebration of Jesus’ birth.

What are some special items you use for decorations?



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  1. Katie Gray

    Very funny about Elizabeth’s Christmas tree. I love walking into houses that are simply and tastefully dressed for Christmas. I love seeing green wreaths and a tree and stocking, and a few lights outside. A Nativity completes the decorations. I put up a tree and stockings, light candles and display my Nativity collection!


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