July Camp–NaNoWriMo

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KPOQ8333July is here, and I’m so excited about summer camp. Well, a different kind of camp. I’m participating  in the NaNoWriMo Camp where I join other authors on a vigorous journey through the writing world, the highs and lows, the ravines and hills, and hopefully a mountain or two. Each camper has his/her own goal. Mine is a rigorous 50,000 words–new words.

National Novel Writing Month is one of my favorite things to do. I will admit I’ve only done this twice before with success. Why? This is a place I can be held accountable for my goal and my words. That might seem silly because it’s a completely online environment. There are other “people” lurking just like me who need a place to record their words and progress. Each region has a cheering squad where we encourage each other to push forward.

IMG_5960I will post my progress occasionally. As of this moment, I’ve written 2210 words! Woo Hoo! But it is a start, right?

My goal is to complete Whispers of Wisdom (#3 in Gardens in Time) and begin a fun new series yet to be announced. I have my items of inspiration: books, pictures, maps, and vision board. I love the destination, Château de Chenonceau in France. Set in 1747 with the beautiful gardens and the River Cher as the background, my characters are experiencing some interesting scenarios with scheming and intrigue within the grounds they tend.

As I enjoy camp each day, I hope you have some of your own goals and projects for this month. Please share!!!



  1. Laura Hile

    Same here, Marguerite. I need Camp NaNo like I need another hole in my head. But … I have GOT to get the next novel finished before summer’s end. 40k for me, but I’m starting a day late.

    Write like the wind!

    • margueriteg2016

      Have fun! I like the accountability!
      Just finished your story in the Austen Romance. Yours is the best. Love your imagination….

  2. Katie Gray

    How lovely!!! I can only imagine what exciting scenarios you are creating! What a beautiful setting and time period! My daily goal is to care for and entertain my baby son and when he gives me a few minutes, write some flexible lesson plans for the coming challenging school year as a Middle School teacher.

    • margueriteg2016

      I love your blog and your tests. I’m glad I can pass them….hehe


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