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Do historic venues, front porch reads, and voyages inspire you?

As someone who loves all things historical, I read and write inspirational and historical fiction for those who crave old homes, gardens, and a good cup of tea.

SIGN UP for Sylvan Reads, my quarterly newsletter, for updates on my writing journey, new release information, book reviews, and more.

You will receive a FREE short story, “The Pull of Time,” and be ENTERED TO WIN a prize!

To sign up use this link:

My newsletter is different from my blog. I have a weekly blog where I share my life, my works, giveaways, etc. My newsletter will be quarterly, highlighting my book life with a short update and important info on releases and works in progress. I hope you will join my newsletter for quarterly updates.

Blessings, Marguerite


  1. Paula Shreckhise

    I am already signed up! Thanks!

  2. Crystal

    I just signed signed up. Hope I Win. Thank You.
    Love Your Site My Friend.

  3. attennos39

    Signed up. I enjoy French History.

  4. Linda Dreher

    Signed up, thank you for the chance! Can’t wait to read the book.

  5. Katie Gray

    Love the new logo and I am thrilled you will have a newsletter! I definitely want to know what you are writing and all of your new series, because I know you are working on many pieces. I definitely want to read the short story about Louis! So the link in this post takes is to sign up but once we are signed up is there a newsletter to see already? It do we wait for the first issue?


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Welcome to my blog, Sylvan Musings, where I share insight and updates of my writing journey, inspiration, and tidbits about life as well as new releases and works in progress information, and more.

Entertain. Encourage. Educate. My motto encompasses what I hope to pass on to my readers through my novels and those of other authors. Thank you for joining me on this journey.



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