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Simba and Scout

Confession: I am a cat lady—not the cat lady—but a lover of cats. I love their antics, aloofness, entitlement, purring, sparring, hissing, personalities, independence, oddities, and beauty. Ant that does not cover it all. Yet, I only have two cats—rescues from a wandering, pregnant stray.

Do you enjoy pets or animals in your reading material? I do, not just in passing but ones who are included in the drama of characters’ lives. Dogs, cats, horses, rabbits—exotic or ordinary. I tend to write them into existence in my novels.


Here is an example. In Hold Me Close—Book One in Revolutionary Faith—I introduce Cleo, a lively, comforting companion cat belonging to Elizabeth. She makes appearances throughout the five books. The real Cleo accompanied me on my writing journey, coaxing me to abandon my computer or writing pad when she needed attention, offering me glimpses into her realm, and coercing me to take time to enjoy the small things—a chocolate treat, a cup of tea, a reading break, a perch on the porch. Although she has passed on, her memory is forever captured in my books.

Tully and Simba

I now have a rescue puppy (14 months old, 62 pounds), Tully. I AM NOT a dog person, but I’m now a TULLY mom. I even have the shirt “Dog Mom.” I love him greatly. I had never written a dog into my novels until I had to include a few King Charles spaniels in my novel set in 1660 Hampton Court, England. Charles II’s dogs followed him from court to court. How could I not feature a pup or two? I will admit, the majority of animals I use are cats. Yet, as a dog mom, I now see the advantage of having a loyal, devoted, curious dog as a major character companion. I’ll see if I can give dog lovers a fictional dog to love.

I’m sending a huge “thank you” to authors who include animals in their novels. The creatures come in all forms. Which do you prefer—exotic or ordinary? Dog, cat, or weasel? Perhaps a mouse or a horse. Let me know as I prepare to write my next novel. I’m stumped about how to include a llama or a monkey!


  1. Crystal

    I’m an animal lover too especially Cats.
    I’m not crazy about snakes though LOL.
    Love animals in books.

  2. Katie Gray

    I thoroughly enjoyed Cleo in the revolutionary faith series! Knowing Cleo personally, it was a joy to read her in the pages of all five books. I love cats for all the reasons you mentioned also! I think a dog is your best possibility for a pet in one of your next books! I look forward to learning the personality you give him!


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