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The lines are solid now in 1775. Citizens are either Loyalists or Patriots. Perhaps not happily but they are seen as sympathizers to one or the other. Bring Me Near brings battles to the forefront as the colonies are in active military pursuit of freedom.    

Meetings of the most political and learned men take place in Boston and Philadelphia. The characters in my book join the debates in Philadelphia still hoping for a compromise. Louis writes Elizabeth a letter from what he has seen at the gatherings: Meeting after meeting pulls us closer to declaring independence. King George has officially rejected the Olive Branch Petition. Therefore, Britain won’t give any concessions or thoughts to granting our petitions. There’s only one way out of this. And Congress is getting ready

What are the citizens thinking? How do they do about their daily lives with embargos and boycotts? It amazes me that people still plan weddings and have babies. What would I have done? What about you? Would you have held out hope in 1775 for a compromise?


  1. Crystal

    This book looks and sounds fantastic. Would love to read and review book in print format.
    I would’ve haeld out for hope in 1775 comprise because there is always room and hope for a compromise even when it seems hopeless. If you pray to God and cast all your cares upon him miracles can happen so you see there will always be hope.

  2. Faith Creech

    Book sounds so good! Yes, I would have held out hope, absolutely! Those were exciting and traumatic times!

  3. Katie Gray

    Yes I think I would have had to held out hope for compromise because otherwise one would fall into despair and depression. But as we see in the last book, it is clear that there would be no compromise abd everyone must endure the uncertainty of military action in the home town.


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