What do you Read on Vacation?

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I’m going on a three-week vacation to Scotland and England. I’ve been pondering what to read while traveling. Do you take a book to read on vacation? Or two or three? How do you decide what to read?
On my weekend ventures away, I usually carry the book I’m reading without having to make a decision. I always have many eBooks ready. I want to relax and be entertained.
On my longer jaunts, I concentrate on the destination and focus on a possible historical read. When I went to Peru in March, I was stumped. I took a Harry Potter book in Spanish (Harry Potter y la Piedra Filosofal) in Spanish to set my mind into Spanish mode. Of course, I still had my wonderful audible and eBook that removed the language element.
For my next trip in May with two author friends to Scotland and England, I have found a few historical novels that will be my reading buddies. For Scotland I have to decide between As Dawn Breaks by Kate Breslin, Facing the Enemy by Paige Edwards, and Misleading Miss Verity by Carolyn Miller. If I read quicker, I’d take all three! For England and the Cornwall area, I’ve chosen Jamaican Inn by Daphne du Maurier and Ross Poldark by Winston Graham. Recently, I finished Carole Johnson’s The Burning Sands and Roseanna White’s The Nature of a Lady, both set in the Cornwall area.
I’m so ready for a time when literature, history, and travel meet to weave my own memories and knowledge with fact and fiction.
“Have a book. Will travel.”
What do you like to read on vacation?


  1. Becky Lewis

    Because it’s travel, I take my kindle app on my phone. Usually read whatever review deadline is next.
    However, that said, we also try to be more focused on doing and going than we are at home. Plus spending time with others, if around fam, so not as much reading time as I always imagine!!

  2. Carolyn Miller

    I hope you enjoy reading Misleading Miss Verity – one day! Happy travels to you!


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