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I spent one afternoon this week trying to reset a modem for Wi-Fi problems. Frustrating. Patience gone. Tears pricking. Not the way I wanted to get off schedule. Who has time to fix technology? That is not my area of expertise. I don’t even have an area of expertise, much less in the area of computers, programs, wires, passwords.

Outside of technology, I need to use my reset button in my personal life. It might take longer than ten minutes. Where is your reset button? I’ve lived long enough to know where to look. How about you?

Each morning I dedicate my day, during my prayer and study time, to God’s will. That’s one way to reset, to restart. Other ways are encouraging too. It might take stopping and breaking from routine.

Words of others: “You’ve got this,” “You can do it,” “Nice job.” What an encouragement. Stop and listen to these positive words from your friends, family, and colleagues.

Prayer: As I mentioned earlier, this is a refreshing, anchoring way to reset. This option can go anywhere with you all day long even when you are unplugged from your devices and away from your work.

A cup of tea: You know me by now. Tea solves so many problems zigzagging across my days. One, two, three times a day. Of course, as needed.

A good book: I’m going this more when I face stress during the day. Fifteen minutes of reading a book for pleasure usually resets my button. Does this work for you? Maybe thirty minutes, an hour! I wish.

A walk: I read in a fiction book a way one character handled stress and resetting. She said, “Everything is solved by walking.” True? It sure does help.

Share how you reset.


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  1. Katie

    Thanks for reminding me that it is important to reset – today my day was thrown off because my son is home sick – so instead of having a free day while he is at camp, I was juggling taking him to the doctor, listening to professional instructions on how to help him, and then cancelling all afternoon plans to be home so he can get better. I reset by taking 10 minutes to lie down with him while he fell asleep, then I made a cup of coffee and accepted that now I would be home, and that maybe this was ok.


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