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Happy middle of August to you! I’m still getting used to my new life of not going back to the classroom. When I do something for thirty years, like back to school, the month rolls around and I get in the mode of School. But, I’m at home now with new online students. I love it though it is different—no decorations, new clothes, or first day jitters.
Do you have changes in your life right now?
I have a newsletter Sylvan Reads that I love. This is the place where I give updates on my life and writing. It’s only once a month around the middle. I would love for you to join me there. I give interesting tidbits on my research, publications, reviews (2 a month), unique giveaways, and personal information. Please follow the link to sign up:
Great news! Have you heard about the Christmas novella collection Keeping Christmas up for pre-order. Release date is October 4. Think Castles and Christmas. My story “Crystal Clear” is in Vol. 1. I’m ordering both volumes since the stories are awesome.  Each volume is only $.99 for the e-book. The print edition can be pre-ordered also. Please support this endeavor to bring Christmas cheer.
Ebook OR
Pre-order the paperback copy for 30% off plus free shipping. Just fill out the form
Both come with a special pre-order gift of a bonus story. Click–9LH521RAJD2hi7HMsFgcInNVAqWcDnNO_Rh7IsiKSg/viewform to claim your gift with purchase.
I hope you are having a great week! Let me hear from you soon!
Blessings, Marguerite


  1. Brian

    At 60 I am getting all the supplies needed for my second year of college. After nearly 40 years of working in the surveying profession Indecided to work toward a degree so I can get my license before I retire.

  2. katie

    Exciting! I pre-ordered the Christmas book! Thanks!

    Yes, I am in school mode. teacher meetings, classroom prep, and I need to go get some clothes! I remember we used to go get clothes together every year in August for the start of school. Missing that this year.



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