New Reader Groups and a Huge Giveaway!

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Things are happening quickly! Hang on for the news.

1) I’ve started a reader group called Sylvan Musings for Christian Readers and Authors. I offer you an invitation to join. This is a place for readers to ask questions, post reviews, make comments. Anything readerish. Also, authors are encouraged to suggest books to read, ask questions, post links, and promote books. A Fun Place! Here’s the link: 


2) Another fun reader group is Independence and Suamalie Islands Reader Group. I have joined with several authors for a new series called the Suamalie Islands. We have a kick-off event coming soon. What some insights into the plots and characters? Join this group:

My first book in this series releases in June 2023.                                                                                                                   Room for Love. Dormant for twelve years, Amy’s heart advertises no room for love even as someone knocks on her door. The arrival of a professor shakes her world, making her yearn for the way things used to be.

Where an ocean meets the shore, perhaps love has room for one more.

3) Please take part in the Multi-author Back to School Giveaway. Here is your chance to win 45 books or a $500 Amazon card to buy a ton of books for yourself in Celebrate Lit’s Back to School Giveaway.

Click here to enter:

The event and giveaway are going on now through September 17.

For more details:

So, some fun and exciting things for you to join and enjoy! Let me know what you are reading or working on now!




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