#Because Fiction Magazine–the Final Edition!

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#BecauseFiction September Editions!

Hello readers!

Welcome to the September edition of the #Becausefiction Magazine! This is also the last edition of the #BecauseFiction Magazine in this format. From now on, it’ll be incorporated on a smaller in the regular Celebrate Lit newsletter each month. There will be some fun things waiting for you there, including a big giveaway that’s got a huge grand prize!

I’m so thankful for all your continued support over the past two and a half years. It really means so much to me and all the authors who have participated since the start of this magazine. I hope you’ll continue to join us in the new set-up!

I’m so excited that autumn is finally here! We’re getting in to my favorite time of year. I love going apple picking up in Oak Glen, seeing their annual fall dinner show, and going on the hayride! What’s your favorite fall activity? Do you have any favorite fall reads?

Thank you again for all your support and love over the years. It means so much to us! I hope you have a blessed month!

Signing off,

Denise Barela


The link for the September magazine is: https://mailchi.mp/88145a84d0b6/becausefiction-magazine-september-editions-giveaways-more-15539060?e=8bd66cb31f

The link for the historical fiction section is: https://mailchi.mp/e1c8717cbc84/becausefiction-magazine-september-historical-fiction-giveaways-15538820

The link for my giveaway is: https://www.becausefiction.com/marguerite-martin-gray/ I’m giving away a copy of Surround Me.



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