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I love the Goodreads platform. I must say it is my favorite place to spend time every day. Look at all the books I read this year. Do you have a Goodreads presence?

I use Goodreads for:

  • Keeping track of the books I’m reading, read, or want to read
  • Leave reviews
  • Purchase books with links
  • Join challenges
  • Ask bookish questions
  • Join communities with like interests
  • Participate in book clubs
  • Enter giveaways (I’ve won quite a few books!)
  • Offer giveaways for my book
  • Follow authors and readers

One thing I have done for six years is the Reading Challenge. This year I set a goal to read 150 books. I met it (barely) with 150 read!



So, if you are looking for an interesting place to find your next book, this is a great place.

Have you explored Goodreads?


  1. Crystal Stewart

    I too love the Goodreads platform and probably use it the most. So many books on my TBR pile LOL. Last year I read over 100 books.

  2. Sherry Cremer

    I love Goodreads.
    Last year I set a goal of 50 books, I ended up with 109. Most of that was due to a fractured pelvis in January.This year I’ve set a goal for 65. My TBR pile is outrageous! LOL


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