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What a busy time in the reader world. I don’t want you to miss out on some great reads and giveaways.

1) The first is a huge multi author giveaway.  Here is your chance to win over 45 books or a $500 Amazon card to buy a ton of books for yourself in Celebrate Lit’s Happy New Year Readers Giveaway.

Click here to enter:

2) The second item is my guest interview on Donna’s blog at There is a giveaway that you can enter there.

3) The third place for information and a giveaway is on my newsletter that comes out each month. I will be sharing about my books and tidbits about my journey. The sign up click on this link:

4)Remember that my next novel Promise of Purity is available for preorder at a discount.

Pre-order the ebook copy now to receive the discounted pre-order price of $2.99

Pre-order the paperback copy for 30% off plus free shipping. Just fill out the form


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