Time to Declutter

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I am joining the journey through Lent 2023—the road beginning on Ash Wednesday this week. Each year I read, study, and meditate as I walk toward Good Friday and Easter Sunday.

I choose this verse to surround my onward stride: Renew a right spirit within me. Psalm 51:11.

A couple of questions accompany the season of Lent. What will you give up for Lent? What will you take on for Lent? This year I’ve decided to concentrate on decluttering as I work on renewal.

I have shelves, closets, cabinets, under the beds, attic, storage unit…on and on. Each day I want to find an area—maybe just one shelf—and ask the hard questions. Do I need the item? Could someone else benefit from it? Do I need to make room for something else?



Here are some items I imagine joining the boxes for donations: clothes, books (be still my heart), magazines, mugs, shoes, puzzles, games.

When was the last time you decluttered? I find it cleansing and refreshing. This is not something that I dread. I’m expecting a renewed spirit and some clean space at the end of the forty days.

Enjoy the journey through Lent.


  1. Carole Johnson

    I keep a box in my sewing room so I can constantly put things in it as I come across them. Unfortunately, it doesn’t progress as fast as I’d like!

  2. Sherry Moe

    Ohhh how I wish you lived near me. I would be happy to take some books off your hands. I am slowly collecting the Secrets of Mary’s Bookshop. I’m a collector of Guidepost books. 😁


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