Lessons from a Three-year-old

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Last week I had the awesome experience of keeping my three-year-old grandson for four days while his parents went on vacation. Wow! I was so excited. Four days! We stayed at his house which made the transition easier.

I learned so much. Had I forgotten so much since my children were little? Yes, I had. There’s something about living it day to day. It becomes normal. But dropping in for four days is different. I learned so much.

Lessons on separation and time

I knew the separation for days from his parents would be a big deal as well as understanding how long four days would be.

  • Have a visual—consult a calendar. Use colors to mark off the time passing and mark the return date with something special.
  • Reward self each day. He had a surprise from me in the morning and one from his parents in the evening.
  • Take a stroll in the familiar a couple of times a day. Show that the outside surroundings remain consistent.
  • Sometimes you need to eat whatever you want. French fries anyone?
  • Read a few books before bed. Always…
  • Play a game or work a puzzle. Release anxiety with something fun.
  • Watch a colorful cartoon about cars. Not my choice but good bonding time.
  • Plant flowers in a garden. A lasting memory available all summer.
  • Make something special for the arrival of your loved ones. Brownies and muffins.
  • Talk about the separated ones. Assure self that all will be normal soon.

As the caregiver, I found these lessons helpful. Now I can use them in my life back at home.

Have you learned any lessons from a three-year-old lately?



    • Marguerite

      Thanks! I had such fun with him!


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