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Welcome to Room for Love Fun Week. Today is release day for my novel in the Suamalie Islands Series. I hope you will enjoy the addition to the series. You can also join me over on the Independence Islands and Suamalie Islands Readers Group today for giveaways and information:

Here’s a bit about the novel:

God gave her peace then; maybe He’ll do it again.
When Amy Lee’s son heads off to college, the bed and breakfast owner finds life even lonelier and emptier than she had after losing her husband. She needs something to occupy her mind and heart while she reinvents her life again. What more could she ask for than an after-school program for local children and a renewed interest in painting?

Then the arrival of a professor of archeology shakes her world and makes her yearn for the way things were only a few short months ago.

Still grieving the loss of his beloved wife, and ignoring the warnings and protests of his grown children, Professor Walker Standish escapes on a six-month sabbatical. His heart, barely beating these past months, jerks to life again when he finds more than a room at a B & B.
 Where an ocean meets the shore, love has room for one more.
Take a trip to the Suamalie Islands where palm trees sway, the sand and sea pulse with life, and the people will steal your heart.

Purchase here:

This is what I sent to the other authors of the series so they could join in the fun. “Amy runs a bed and breakfast on Alexandre Island. She pours herself into making the experience memorable for her guests through her delicious recipes and comfortable, inviting accommodations. Do you have a positive (or funny) B & B or Airbnb (a cabin in the woods or a condo on the beach) experience to share? What made it special?”

I love staying in B & Bs and Airbnbs all over the place. Most recently my daughter and I stayed in ones in Quebec, Canada. Lovely places within walking distance of all the sights.

My most memorable times were from a three-week road trip in France with my daughter. We had 14 different Airbnbs. We were becoming pros and thought our decisions bordered on perfection. Until…why is there always an until. After we had completed a long day of traveling from France over the Pyrenees to the tiny country of Andorra, we looked forward to relaxing in the mountain town in our cozy Airbnb.

GPS led us to the spot—our home for the night. Except, it was not there. Nope. There was not a building with that number, and no one answered the phone. How do we find a place in a foreign country with little notice?

My young daughter (in her twenties) suggested a hostel. What? I’d never stayed in one and I was over the age limit of 35. The host was very sweet and said we could stay if we didn’t find anything else.

We breathed and drove up the road to the central area. What to do? I prayed for a solution. One night in a hostel with a bunch of young people wouldn’t be too bad, right?

On a whim we asked if the lovely hotel on the side of the mountain across from a restaurant and other large hotels for a room. Voila! They had a corner room with a full bathroom and windows on two sides—a view of the Pyrenees and valleys—and in our price range. It had the feel of a comfy, unique Airbnb! Amen!

Since then, my husband and I have started three Airbnb properties. It gives us pleasure to make travel for others personal.

I hope you join in the giveaways and fun each day this week.
My giveaway is here:

Chautona Havig: July 26

Rachel Skatvold: July 27

Susan K. Beatty: July 28

Tabitha Bouldin: July 29

Amanda Tru: July 30



Happy Reading!!




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