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Another oopsie Giveaway! I ordered two copies of Daughter of Eden by Jill Eileen Smith, so I’m giving away a copy to someone who comments on this blog post. I look forward to your comment: Anything! What are you reading? Where are you traveling? Life?

About the book:

The first time she opens her eyes, Eve gazes on One whose beauty nearly blinds her, whose breath is in her lungs. Her Creator takes her hand and gives her to one like her and yet different. Together, she and Adam experience pure joy as they explore Eden. But her favorite moments are when the Creator comes to walk with them, day after day.

Until everything changes. With one act of disobedience, Eve finds that her world is no longer a friendly place. With remorse in her heart, she must face the unknown future—the births, the deaths, the sacrifices, the loss of the one home she has ever known. Perhaps worst of all is the loss of trust, not only with her Creator but with the man who shares her life. How will they ever survive out of Eden?

Bestselling biblical fiction author Jill Eileen Smith imagines the life of the first woman to ever live, unspooling a story of love, loss, and the promise of redemption.

Purchase link: https://www.amazon.com/Daughter-Eden-Jill-Eileen-Smith/dp/0800737644/ref



  1. Darlene Owen

    We sold our motor home so now I am going on trip with our senior center.

  2. RD

    Hi! I am reading The Last Lifeboat by Hazel Gaynor. It is very good. I would love to read Daughter of Eden! Thanks for this opportunity.

  3. Brenda Gordon

    I’m reading The Book of Lost Friends by Lisa Wingate.

  4. Roxanne C.

    I am a bit behind on reading my TBR stack, but I’ve been reading Lost in Darkness by Michelle Griep every spare half-minute I find.

  5. Faith Creech

    Right now I’m reading some of Anne Perry’s mystery books. I’m currently reading Cardington Crewcent. Thanks for the chance to win a,

  6. Natalya Lakhno

    I’m reading The Letter Carrier by L. C. Lewis – the war story, very emotional!

  7. Sherry Cremer

    I’m reading Clara’s Mourning by J. Willis Sanders

    • Marguerite

      Congratulations! You are the winner of Daughter of Eden. Yay! I hope you enjoy it. Blessings!

    • Marguerite

      Please contact me at margueriteg@att.net so I can send you your book! Thanks!

  8. Trudy

    I’m reading an ARC for Jessica Patch, and I’m editing/proofing another one for a different author. This weekend I’ll be doing a certification for an insurance company so I can sell their products next year, and a recertification so I can help my under 65 clients.

  9. Debra Guyette

    I have done that before myself. I love books and find myself buying too many, making me forget what I already bought.

  10. Marguerite

    The winner of Daughter of Eden is Sherry C. Congratulations!


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