Giveaway and a Summer ’23 Royalty Challenge

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Summer ’23 Royalty Challenge!

 Are you a fan of long summer days or counting down the days to pumpkin spice and cozy sweaters? Either way, it’s time for the Royalty of Summer ’23 coronation!

Here’s how to join the fun:

  1.  Place a star or emoji by each activity you’ve enjoyed this summer.
  2.  Share this post so your friends can play along too!
  3.  To enter the giveaway, click the link below to fill out the short form.

The lucky winners will be crowned our official Summer Royalty and will have the chance to choose from a variety of prizes in our Suamalie Islands Treasure chest! Prizes include paperbacks, ebooks, trinkets, and gift cards!  Please note: some winners may be chosen randomly. You don’t necessarily need to have the highest score to get a prize. Just enter!

Let’s celebrate the sunny moments of ’23 and find our royalty! Share your summer adventures and enter for a chance to win! (The giveaway link is at the bottom of the post.)



In the Summer of ’23, I have:

*Visited the ocean

*Buried toes in the sand of a beach

*Gone swimming

*Gotten a sunburn

*Worn flip flops

*Gone fishing

*Gone camping

*Gone hiking

*Watched a baseball game

*Watched fireworks

*Gone on vacation

*Visited a zoo

*Gone on a road trip

*Eaten something from a bbq

*Gone boating

*Gone paddle-boarding

*Eaten a s’more

*Read a book

*Played an outdoor sport

*Read a Suamalie Islands book

*Watched the stars

*Drank lemonade

*Eaten a popsicle

*Eaten watermelon

*Had dinner with family or friends

*Grown a garden

*Mowed the lawn

*Taken a nap

*Gone on a picnic

*Gone to a festival or fair

*Picked your own fruit

*Eaten an ice cream cone

*Experienced a thunderstorm

*Gone to a movie

*Floated a river

*Swam in a lake or river

*Washed your car

*Rode in a convertible

*Gone for a bike ride

*Gone snorkeling or scuba diving

*Picked flowers

*Visited a farmers market

*Watched the sunset

*Read a Suamalie Islands book

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