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As I am writing these thoughts, I am on a deck at a cabin surrounded by tall oak and pine trees, listening to birds and squirrels and the lapping of the waves on the lake. Secluded. Alone. Tucked away from the world for twenty-four hours. A self-imposed retreat.

I take this verse with me. “You are worried and upset about many things, but few things are needed—or indeed only one.” Luke 10:41-42

On purpose I leave my cozy home and work for a day, knowing that tomorrow it will still be there, yearning for my return. The day away is not a fix to all worries and problems. But it allows me to focus on what is really needed.

This passage circles around Mary, Martha, and Jesus. I believe we are all like Martha, flitting from one thing to another without purposefully alighting at Jesus’ feet. Hmm. Why is that? My head realizes all the things I try to do will still be there if I choose to stop and rest and learn from Jesus’ teachings.

A couple of questions form as I rest and sit at His feet.

  • What distractions and worries deter me from stopping and learning from Jesus more often?
  • How can I rest and sit at His feet today (and every day)?

I don’t need a cabin in the woods, although it is refreshing and relaxing, to draw close to Him. I do need to sit and stay longer and more often during the day, so that I can learn and grow in God’s purpose.

Indeed, only One thing (person) is needed.

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