Counting Steps

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Do you keep track of your steps daily? I make it a priority every day—11,000 steps. Also, I make sure to get moving once an hour for at least 250 steps.

Recently, I went to Spain and Portugal with my daughter. I noticed an increase in steps as we traversed the beautiful countries. Our steps really went somewhere, places we’d never seen before—up and up, down, thru, around, and over again.

It made me think about my daily steps, not just the ones with inspiring vistas like at the Alhambra or ruined castles. For a brief two weeks our steps took us through history as stories and legends of discoverers, kings, and queens spilled from cathedrals and palaces. Also, our labored steps took us toward delicious, savory meals and sugary pastries and gelato.

Vacations are unique and destinations can be exotic and out of the ordinary. What about my steps the other 50 weeks of the year? Where do they take me? Do they have a purpose?

I definitely believe they do—every day, all 11,000 of them.

  • To family and friends
  • Shopping for groceries, for nourishment
  • Walking the dog
  • Health
  • To church
  • Hiking
  • Familiar local vistas
  • For thinking, praising, praying

Where do your steps lead you?

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  1. Carole Johnson

    Great post, and wonderful pictures!

    Maybe I need to get my Fitbit out of the mothballs. 🙂


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